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Spaced Integration Like Spaced Repetition, But Better

Spaced Repetition look like this:

It's a way to drill things down from your [[Working Memory]] into your [[Long-Term Memory]] by continuously retrieving an idea at progressively increasing frequency. Ask yourself what the capital of your state is after a day, and then a week, and then a month. Eventually, it'll be anchored nice and sturdily to your long-term memory.

Spaced Integration is like this, but instead of only retrieving the item, you reintegrate it with other items.

The clock icon [1] brings you to Spaced Integration mode. In this mode, Karma shows you whatever items are ready to be reintegrated. Readiness is determined by your integration period selection:

If you run out of things to reintegrate, Karma will begin to explore for you by crawling out towards the things that you've pinned. And then it will crawl those items to show you other items that you haven't ever seen, but that you're likely to enjoy based on connective potential. 

// related to [[Bidirectional Links]] and [[Thought Structures and Quantum Blobs]] and [[Universal Pins]]

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