This algorithm is used in my algorithm for achieving product-market fit.

The synthesize() method is at the bottom of this post, and builds upon the preceding methods:


synthesizeNewResearchIntoKarma(topic, oldNodes){
var materials = fetchMaterials(topic); var newNodes = new List(); var researchNotes = digest(materials); newNodes.Push(researchNotes); var summary = summarize(researchNotes); newNodes.Push(summary); var principles = extractPrinciples(newNodes); newNodes.Push(principles); primeNodes(newNodes); // create before/after questions and knowledge checks var algorithms = generateAlgorithms(newNodes); newNodes.Push(algorithms); var essays = composeEssays(newNodes); newNodes.Push(essays); weave(newNodes); // node relationships oldNodes.Push(newNodes); weave(oldNodes); wonder(); // prequestions, postquestions, thoughts, ideas // todo: conditionally recurse }


synthesize(topic, oldNodes){
var creativity = synthesizeNewResearchIntoKarma(topic, oldNodes); generateAndTestNewIdeas(creativity); }

Algorithm Inspirations: