Education, Then Economics, Then Politics, Then The Beautiful Obsoletion

I think the technosocialist revolution should unfold in three phases:

First, education. We enjoy learning, sharing, and becoming better, truthier people in the warm communities we build together in cyberspace.

Second, economics. We slowly build organizations and businesses that extract capital from the old system, and accumulate it within the new. Every business within the new system is owned by everyone, and there are new things to vote on every day. Votes are weighted by a combination of:

  • Democratically-determined, crowdsourced psychometric and performance data points a la Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates
  • Algorithms that learn how to pair certain people with certain problems based on previous performance and overall social/ecological impact.

Third, politics. This deeply rooted economic power can then be leveraged to empower politicians at the local level at very strategically-selected times and places.

Finally, the Beautiful Obsoletion. This is when we regain power of our economic institutions so that we can begin to heal our social and political institutions through the power of meritocratic democracy. Classical capitalism, stock buybacks, derivative financial instruments, ecological destruction, socially destructive propaganda, politically weaponized social media, headline journalism, standardized education, for-profit healthcare, all of these ailments can start to heal slowly from the infusion of white blood cells, brought to you by social engineering and mechanism design. And not a single bullet needs to be fired. We just need some good old-fashioned elbow grease. 

Maybe this is where competitive altruism can really shine. If you're proud to be an American or a Greek, or an Italian or from Hong Kong, or whatever, then channel your pride towards pulling your nation's ideology closer with everyone else's as we all race towards something that works for everyone. Start a small business by the people, for the people. Kick off a YouTube or TikTok campaign for the things you believe in, and leverage this (eventually-more-than-3-person) community to propel you. Funnel your income into the common pot. Experiment with meritocracy and democracy. Share your lessons and principles. Build something that you'd be proud to plug into the next, futuristic, collectively owned internet ecosystem. Web 3.0. The connective tissue of our forward-thinking, sustainable noosphere. The metaphysical substrate of our shiny, green, moneyless, bankless, automated, hyper-luxurious space democracy.

Socialism Needs A Cyberpunk Rebranding

We need early adopters, and early adopters are young and nerdy. Branding our movement in a way that appeals to this demographic first will connect us with receptive minds that can then leverage our cultural alignment as a springboard for broader cultural integration. AKA we need to sound hip and cool and unconventional. "Technosocialist" strikes me as cyberpunk, so cyberpunk culture and community can be leveraged as well.

We Need To Standardize The Interface Between Business And Economy

The interface would connect the business to:

  • Collectively owned teamwork and "meritocratic idea" tools
  • Collectively owned PM tools
  • Collectively owned analytics tools
  • Collectively owned payment processing
  • Collectively owned capital management tools and processes
  • Identity / federation services

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