I'm articulating my life's principles into Essays.  These Essays rest upon a foundation of research and experience: Raw Notes.  

Essays and Raw Notes are shared between clusters of knowledge called CollectionsMy Collections are organized into a fluid curriculum that has been architected to turn the maximum number of frowns upside down:

  1. We'll learn how to learn. [Learning, Teaching, and Memory]
  2. We'll learn how to perceive and articulate the truth. [Reading, Writing, and Thinking]
  3. We'll learn how to keep our systems running smoothly. [Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health]
  4. We'll learn about universal human needs and rights. [Positive Psychology, Practical Philosophy, and Pragmatic Utopia]
  5. We'll learn how to expand the scope of our love towards all living beings. [Neurodiversity, Biodiversity, and Empathy]
  6. We'll learn how to treat life like a game and we'll design our victory. [Morality, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design]
  7. We'll learn how to optimize our lifestyle for maximum pleasure. [Productivity, Creativity, and Lifestyle]
  8. We'll learn how to reconcile the difference between "who we are" and "what we do". [Financial Freedom and Career Strategy]
  9. We'll learn how to think like a machine.  [Software Engineering, Mathematics, and Machine Learning]
  10. We'll learn how to effectively motivate and communicate with other people. [Communication and Leadership]
  11. We'll learn how to love. [Sexuality, Dating, Intimacy, Domination, and Attachment]
  12. We'll learn how to architect our economic systems for love instead of power. [Sustainability, Antiprofitability, and Alternative Economics]
  13. We'll learn how to innovate. [Entrepreneurship, UX, and Marketing]
  14. We'll learn to think about life as one big organism that we are responsible for. [Complex Systems and Systems Engineering]
  15. We'll learn about the history of our organism and all of its organs. [History, Culture, Geopolitics, and International Relations]
  16. We'll learn about the history and mechanics of the United States. [US Government and Politics]
  17. We'll learn how to adopt a holistic approach to diagnosing and curing systemic disease. [Corruption, Anarchy, Decentralization, Unionization, and Nonviolent Resistance]
  18. We'll learn how to defend ourselves and fortify our ideology. [Social Engineering, Psyops, and New-Age Propaganda]
  19. We'll envision the potential realities ahead of us. [Weirdness, AI, Singularity, Determinism, and Destiny]
  20. We'll choose a future and work towards its actualization. [Pressing Matters, Social Strategy, and Political Science]
  21. We'll systematize our risk mitigation along the way. [Emerging Evil, Integrity Audits, and Incentive Audits]
  22. We'll raise a plant, a puppy, and then - a person! [PlantsPuppies, and Parenting]

By "fluid curriculum", I mean that this knowledge is more of a shelf than a sequence.  Feel free to take what you need and ignore the rest.  The above list offers a collection-driven organization of my essays; here's a list of the individual essays in case that's more appealing to you:

An algorithmic aside

The above syllabus represents the syllabus array in the getNextTopic.ks method, which plugs into the changeTheWorld.ks algorithm.


int _syllabusIndex = 0;

   _syllabusIndex = _syllabusIndex % 21;
   var topic = syllabus[_syllabusIndex];
   return topic;

A note on rubricizing

While this exercise helps me automatize my self-education by outsourcing my "strategy thinking" to a syllabus, this strategy guide should remain responsive to the things that I learn along the way.  It should evolve.

"Rubricizing perception then is an invitation to mistakes. These mistakes become doubly important because rubricizing perception also makes it less probable that any original mistake will be corrected. One who has already been put into a rubric tends very strongly to be kept there, because any behavior that contradicts the stereotype of the rubric can be regarded simply as an exception that need not be taken seriously." - Abraham Maslow, Motivation and Personality