Note: This post is automatically pinned to new members' collections and serves as an introduction to the platform.

Welcome to Karma!  

Karma is a collaborative learning journal.  You can use it to organize and share the cool new things you're learning.

Here are the three main features of Karma:

  1. You can publish posts.  This makes Karma similar to Reddit and Medium, but with an emphasis on thoughtful reflection, education, and collaborative self-improvement.
  2. You can pin posts and comments to the collections that you create on your profile.  This makes Karma similar to Pinterest.
  3. You can tip anything that stands out to you.  This makes Karma similar to Patreon and Reddit Gold, except on Karma, the tip goes where you want it to go.  You choose the platform fees, from 0% to 100%.
That's all there is to it!  We're setting a pretty high bar for civility and epistemic humility here, so rest assured that you'll experience only the friendliest, truthiest of vibes.  We're big fans of the growth mindset, positive psychology, and fluid rationality.

In other words: no jerks allowed, open minds only, and cite your assertions as much as you can.  This is a safe, respectful space.  Transgender people are expressly welcome here; all genders are welcome.  Aspies/autists are expressly welcome here (I'm an aspie!).  Snark, derision, insults, and other forms of disrespectful/abrasive communication are not welcome here.

You should also know that I'm very interested in socialism; I want Karma to become a collectively owned, automated digital asset so that no minority can abuse their power over the majority.  I believe that we can and ought to figure out how to build scalable businesses that prioritize people over profits.

The lofty goal here looks like this:

With optimism,

~ Eve

PS: if you're curious about the vision here, here's a vision draft.