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A Page To Test Weavy Things [bodynotes], [[bidirectional references]], @mentions, #tags, //comments

This is a bodynote: [1]

[[A New Concept]]

[[A New Concept 2]]

This is a bidirectional reference: [[Practical Philosophy, Relative Morality, Spirituality, and Positive Psychology]]. When you link to a page within double staples, the target page will link to the page you're editing, and both pages will display quicklooks when you hover over these links.

When both pages link to each other, you'll see that reflected beneath the post. See: [[Welcome to Karma]].

This is a @mention: @karmabot [2]

This is a tag: #todo. 

This is an inline comment

// #todo: tags, format comments

// #todo: links to karma pages that aren't in brackets should also be references

[[Testing Bidirectional Reference Title Updating #3]]

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