1. Build a tool for collaborative self-education. [that's Karma]
  2. Use this tool to continuously refine a pragmatic vision of a technosocialist future that's backed by high-quality research, collaborative envisioning, and radically transparent, supportive, constructive, encouraging, optimistic discussion. [that's Cyberpunk Therapy]
  3. Identify existing cooperative businesses / democratized institutions, study their strengths and weaknesses, interview the players, and continuously compile and share lessons learned. [Pending interview workstream...]
  4. Develop / acquire other digital products that earn income and serve democratization. Pool this income into a single democratic pot and reuse these assets in the name of high-velocity collaborative innovation.
  5. Meritocratically manage cash flow to focus-fire economic power towards low-hanging B2B and B2C fruit. Very strategically.
  6. Replace old for-profit apps with new "technosocialist" [branding?] apps. Gradually build up the cash flow, strategically setting our sights on one new thing at a time.
  7. Slowly and carefully build economic/social influence to socialize technosocialist ideology with action and education.
  8. Empower technosocialist politicians with this influence.
  9. Build tools to facilitate universal unionization without bureaucratic overhead. This will further enhance influence.
  10. Use this influence to build a multinational People's Political Party that galvanizes and catalyzes the emergence of unified political thought. Pull citizens of the world together to empower one another from abroad with new knowledge, systems, tools, and ideology.
  11. Gradually replace traditional institutional decision-making with crowdsourced, idea-meritocratic decision-making.
  12. Focus economic resources towards ecological healing, renewable energy, automation, education, healthcare, and spiritual unification.
  13. Get free.